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Young Peoples Ministry


One Life Leadership Sessions
Limitless TV
Open Doors Youth Nano - Youth Session Material
24-7 Prayer - Encounter
The Bible Series
Urban Saints Energize
7 Sessions on mental health and wellbeing
Youth For Christ resources
Playmeo Games and Activities Library
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Is God Dead?
Impossible Universe the reality of cosmic fine tuning
Why do we pray?
Technology Theology
How to read the bible - the gospel
Science and faith friends or rivals?
Defender Cecily & Joe L Barnes
amen youtube channel
alabaster youtube channel
gas street music youtube channel


youth ministry 101 - 5 Discipleship princilpes for new youth leaders
building a volunteer team
Loud and clear course - preparing and delivering great talks
academy basics youth ministry edition


lectio divina step by step guide
NIV bible in one year reading plan
Recommended reading: Faith for Exiles by David Kinnaman
Recommended Reading: The End of Youth Ministry? By Andrew Root
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The Bible Project

The Bible project

Video series

Short animation explainer videos on a wide variety of biblical topics.



Video series

Video Series exploring Church, worship, community and serving.

The Road

The Road

Big questions resources

Resource for young people to answer many of the bigger, trickier questions surrounding the Christian faith.

Mission Academy Live

mission academy

Video series

10 sessions aimed at a youth group context exploring mission and evangelism.

Head Strong


Mental health resources

Online space aimed exclusively at young people with a focus on promoting positive mental wellbeing.



Innovative youth work

Research, Innovation, YS Luton, Services, Store, and About.

The Children's Society

Mental health

Mental health resources

The session themes are drawn from what children and young people have told us matters to them.

Ditch the Label

Mental health HUb

Mentail health resources

Help young people overcome the issues that affect and hold them back the most.

mind & soul foundation

mind and Soul

Mentail health resources

Sharing Christian theology and scientific advances. Helping people meet with God and recover from emotional distress.

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Youth wellbring groups

We work in communities through the local church with an attitude of humility to come alongside and love one another.

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Mentail health resources

A charity that promotes positive mental health in teenagers and those who support them including their families and carers.

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Voices of YOuth


We listen directly from young people as they respond to our research and share about the issues impacting their lives.

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Ice breaker games

A list of games you can play with your group.

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the source 4ym

Youth ministry resources

Non-profit ministry encouraging and equipping youth workers to reach young people across the globe.

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Generation Z

Book by Chloe Combi

Chloe has interviewed and with over 10,000 members of Generation Z – having published the seminal book, Generation Z, Their Voices, Their Lives.

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