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Faith At Home


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Parents and Childrens Spiritual Development - Faith in the Nexus
Left to their own devices? A 90 minute video resource to help you parent in the digital age.


Working With Families.
Parenting Children After Separation
Boost "Faith at Home" training sessions
How to Equip and Empower Parents


5 Ideas for the Home
Illustrated Bible verse cards for the family table
What creates sticky faith?
Inspiring a faith that lasts
Free bible based app - Guardians of Ancora
Recommended App: The Bible app for kids
Recommended App: Lectio for families
Recommended Podcast: Faith in kids
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Parenting for Faith

Parenting for Faith

Intentional parenting resources

Equipping parents to raise God-connected children and teens.

Left to their own devices?


Video based session

Care for the family's video resource addressing the issue of parenting device use.

Kitchen table project

Kitchen table pro

Parenting faith resources

Parents and carers are the most important influence on children developing a faith that lasts.

Open Learn

parenting course

Online parenting course

Delve into the lives of children and discuss the potential benefits and limitations of technology for them.

Faith in Kids - Parents Podcast

Faith in Kids


Podcasts for raising children and podcasts to listen with children.

Fegan - Couselling children, supporting parents

Fegans Parent hub

Parenting support

Articles, advice and supports for parents.

we wonder podcast

we wonder podcast


This podcast invites children into an immersive contemplation on the words of Scripture.

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